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We provide the best fish-farming and consultancy services in Northern Nigeria

Biggest Fish and Fingerlings Supplier in Northern Nigeria

We bring you varieties of fish; ranging from Juvenile, jumbo, fingerlings, table size fish, etc. You name it, we supply anywhere in Nigeria.



We hatch fingerlings under the best environmental condition. They are perfectly cultivated and ready for shipping



We raise juveniles with efficient and effective aquaculture practice; well-nurtured and ready for delivery



We grow jumbo with environmental necessary condition. They are perfectly grown and ready for shipping

Pond Construction

We construct all kinds of ponds from earthen pond to trampoline and rubber ponds, quality is guaranteed when agreement is reached

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Rigihon Farms - How healthy is our fish?

When it comes to the wild fish we eat, we hope that the water they were swimming in is free of pollution and that fishing practices respect the more sensitive, vulnerable species. At Rigihon farms, we ensure that the health of our fish is held at top priority with you in mind. Remember: health is wealth

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Rigihon? I can never forget its positive impact on my business. Fish so yummy, so tasty. Thanks so much for being so reliable
eyoma king
product Manager, Editas farm
I have tried different fish delivery options over the years. Never been satisfied like with Rigihon. Kudos!
Grace dauda
Chief Caterer, Ceto Hotel and services
Oh dear! My fish pond is up and booming. Thanks to Rigihon construction team. I'm sure not ungrateful.
sarah sinon
c/o Bejem aquafarms and consult